Smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of life today, we help people close the gap and connect with each other, however, in fact, the smartphone is fighting making people become further apart.
Eric Pickersgill, a 29-year-old photographer living in North Carolina (USA), has noticed the negative side of a smartphone after witnessing a family breakfast in a cafe in New York City, when the mother only Focus on the smartphone in your hand instead of the children and people around.
Pickersgill himself admits he made many “mistakes” many times when he often turned away from his wife to focus on his smartphone.

Since then, Eric Pickersgill has implemented a photography project called “Removed”, in which Pickersgill thanks to friends, relatives and even those who do not know, poses in a position using a familiar smartphone. His own, but this time without the presence of mobile devices, Pickersgill then captures those moments. The final result shows the alienation of the people in the image of Pickersgill.

Eric Pickersgill said the idea of ​​this photography project started when he fell asleep with a cell phone in his hand, after which he accidentally dropped the phone on the floor. When he woke up, Pickbersgill found his hand still in the position of holding the phone while his thumb was still ready to slide on the screen. From that point Pickersgill asked what it would be like if the phones became invisible in the hands of users.
Pickersgill’s photos are taken in black and white style, capturing everyday moments, like a couple lying on a bed, mother and daughter lying on the sofa, family sitting on the dining table … tribute us are close to each other but in fact they are far away, when each has a unique interest and looks are not for each other.
In fact, the fact that smart devices are making people depend on them more and more has been mentioned many times, many technology experts have to admit that people are becoming more passive and subordinate.

More on smartphones or tablets … Many admit that their real-life social relationships have been affected and are no longer as rich as they used to be. Meanwhile, many people admit that they are worried that their children will depend too much on smart technology equipment and lack the necessary life knowledge.
– A family is around the dining table, but everyone is focusing on an “invisible” mobile device, instead of turning around or talking to each other.
– A newly married couple is no exception to the habit of using smartphones.
– When women get together, they also pay attention to the smartphone, instead of “chatting” together.
– Children also do not run and play together, but instead they entertain themselves with mobile devices.
– The relationship of modern couples, when they spend more time on smartphones than time together?
– The outdoor party is not as interesting as it used to be.
– Two people, one device, is this a way for you to share the same perspective?
– A father enlisted his smartphone to check while playing with his children.
– Friends hanging out together, but paying close attention to each other’s smartphones.
– Older people are not outside the “whirlpool” of technology.
– Mother and child and their own concerns.